Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bacon chicken appetizer

First you'll want 3-4 good sized chicken breasts, skinned and trimmed of any fat.
Boil in water until white in color. It's a bit messy and frothy when it's done. (I like to take the end water and use it for soup. It's like a stock)
Cut into long strips (size doesn't matter((first time you've heard that one eh?)) ).

chicken  bacon crock pot wrap

For the BBQ sauce I do a low sugar one.
1/2 cup reduced-sugar ketchup (the Heinz reduced sugar ketchup has 1 gram sugar per T)
2 T tomato paste
4 T Splenda
1-2 T brown sugar (depending on how sweet you want it, or use all Splenda if you prefer)
(You can also use 1/3 cup Splenda-brown sugar blend, which will make the sauce a bit higher in sugar)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup mustard (regular yellow mustard, not Dijon)
2 tsp. green Tabasco (or 1 tsp. red Tabasco)
1 1/2 T Worcestershire sauce
Combine reduced sugar ketchup, tomato sauce, Splenda, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, mustard, green Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce in measuring cup or bowl and whisk together.
Pour finished mix into a crock pot.
Get some thick sliced bacon, and wrap each strip of chicken with bacon til covered and use a toothpick to hold it in place.
Do this until they are all skewered and immerse them in the crock pot with the bbq sauce.
I don't cook for a specific time. If you are cooking on low, i'd leave them in for 4 hours.
I do everything but sight. Snce the chicken is already technically cooked, you are just trying to get the bacon cooked and a glaze on it.
If you are making this for someone non diabetic, you can sprinkle some brown sugar on the top while it cooks to give it more of a glaze. Or you can substitute a little pineapple juice.
This is a versatile recipe.
You can make the glaze hot or mild.
You can also use turkey bacon or tofu bacon.
Chicken can be substituted with steak, tofu based meat substitutes. I've used Veggie Burger's.
Experiment and enjoy!

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