Friday, March 11, 2011

Breakfast Quesadilla

One of my favorite breakfasts ever!
You will need Tortilla's (i like the spinach ones)
low fat shredded cheese or fat free cheese slices
one cup spinach (fresh if possible)
2 strips per person of turkey bacon or regular bacon. (you can also substitute ham, steak, chicken, tofu or seafood)

one egg per person

First you will want to use Egg Beaters or eggs. If you've never seen an egg beater here it is!

They are actually tasty and I don't really see a difference in taste or cooking them from a regular egg. If you don't like yolks they even offer an egg white option as seen above. 
You will want to scramble cook either one egg per person or one serving of the egg beaters. After they are cooked, set them aside to cool in a bowl.
Depending on what you want to fill your quesadilla with, you will either want to precook your bacon, or turkey bacon. The ham can be added cold and cubed up. Once you cook the bacon/turkey bacon you will want to cut it into small strips like so: 

Add a some oil to a frying pan and grab your tortillas.
You can use any flavor or brand but I prefer spinach myself, extra fiber never hurt anyone!
You are going to want the flame on medium. Take your tortilla, and put it halfway in the pan, meaning half in and half out.
You will want to sprinkle some of this cheese on the half in the pan:
It melts really good. 
Now sprinkle half of your egg on top of the cheese. Add as much protein (bacon, ham, cubed steak, cubed chicken, crab, shrimp, tofu, etc) as you'd like. Add the rest of the egg on top of that.
You can choose to add vegetables if you want. I like to add some chopped fresh spinach, tomato, onion, or slice some avocado on top. Sprinkle some more cheese on top of that and flip the other half of the tortilla over. You want to cook this until it browns, and then lightly flip it over and brown the other side. Turn the flame onto low and let it slow melt for a bit.
It should look like this after flipping:

After it's done to your desired taste, slide onto a plate. I use a pizza cutter and just slice it into 3 or four pieces.
I sometimes share this with someone else, because it is filling. I either make a fruit salad on the side, or have half  a grapefruit with sweet n low.
You can do lots of things with this recipe. The more veggies the better. The tortillas are pretty low carb, and you can even buy the lower carb ones as well.
Remember fibery veggies are a freebie and you can have as much as you'd like. (within reason of course).
I hope you try this recipe. It's a favorite with my mom and myself.

P.S. - you can also choose to scramble the eggs with the other ingredients, and then just layer it with the cheese in the tortilla. It's up to you what you want to do. It all turns out the same in my opinion!


  1. Mmm that looks like what I will be having for breakfast tomorrow.

  2. I made these this morning-very tasty! I think I need to visit my brother-who has chickens-and up my supply of eggs!