Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sorry for the late post. Spinach Portabella Salmon bake.

Recently my mother asked me to post about salmon.
I don't really care for cooked salmon all that much. I usually have it smoked or raw in sushi. For me most fish tastes better raw and the flavor drastically changes when cooked.
I do have one salmon recipe that I like. It's simple and tasty.
First you will want to get a nice sized salmon fillet. Try to go for King Salmon if possible. To me, it's the meatiest tasting of the others.

Try to make sure all the bones are removed and any bloodlines are cut off.
Get a pan hot and add a little oil. Season your salmon with salt and pepper (not a bunch). I don't use pepper but sometimes use a little Mrs. Dash.
All you will want to do is sear the fish on both sides and set it aside. (when I say sear, you want to cook it skin down first until crisp, then flip it over just long enough to give it some color but not cook it through).
Turn your oven on to 425. Let's get started on some tasty stuff.
You will want either two cups of fresh spinach, or one block of frozen spinach.
When cooking with frozen spinach always defrost before using and always, always squeeze out as much water as possible.
Grab a mixing bowl and add the spinach, with one cup of ricotta cheese. You can use regular, or low fat. I prefer regular because it binds a little better.
Grab a portabella mushroom (the cap portion only) and rinse underneath. The dark part can either be removed or left, but I like to remove it because it holds a lot of dirt.
You will want to chop into bite size pieces (thin lengthwise pieces if possible). Add this to the spinach ricotta mixture.
I usually add some chopped garlic and onion (if you add onion and garlic, try cooking it in the pan and lightly caramelizing it if possible), but you can leave these out. Also add a pinch of paprika, and/or cumin. This is all about what you like so do what you want to :)
You want to grab a shallow corning ware dish or line a cookie sheet with foil and pour the mixture down.
Sprinkle a little Parmesan or low skim mozzarella on top and bake until it bubbles.
Put the salmon to the side and bake until the cheese browns.
Some people like their salmon slightly pink inside, some like it well done. Best thing to do is stick a fork in the middle and pull it out. If the tines are cold, leave it in a little longer, if they are hot, remove.
Spoon or use a spatula to plate some of the spinach mix on the plate.
Put a serving of the salmon on top. 
Hopefully it looks like this:

Sorry I'm not precise with serving sizes and measurements since I make most of these up myself, but if this doesn't look like an entire meal to you, remember vegetables, especially fiber ones can be a freebie food. I like to make a salad or bake a sweet potato to go with something like this.

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