Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Low Calorie Low fat lunch snack!

We have a bare fridge right now so I was kind of doing some digging around.
I came across...a few things here and there and decided my craving for pizza must be taken care of.
Ingredients to have on hand for this tasty treat are:
Flour tortillas (you can make small ones with corn if you have issues with gluten and sometimes they have rice tortillas in the health food section.
On the vine tomatoes
Green onions
Low fat or fat free cheese (regular if you are not concerned with fat content)
Low fat, or fat free dressing (regular if you are not concerned with fat content)
Cookie sheet with foil on top

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Grab your foil covered cookie sheet, and lay down one or two tortillas. I like to use flavored tortillas personally and I made mine with:

or I will get 

You will want to pick something you like, dressing-wise. I've found they changed the recipe for Miracle Whip, and it actually tastes kinda yummy with tomatoes. I know Miracle Whip isn't for everyone, and while I used to diss it and hate on it, it HAS improved in taste. Lightly drizzle Miracle Whip or dressing of your choice onto the tortilla. Don't coat it, you don't want it to get soggy. I would use fat free blue cheese from Wishbone, or a low fat Cesar.  You could also use tomato paste or sauce to make a low carb pizza!
Now you want to slice fresh tomatoes for the pizza. If possible get these:
On the vine tomatoes taste soooooooooo fresh and are just really yummy.
Slice into thin slices and scatter them around the top of the tortilla (just think like pepperoni).

Take your green onions and wash them. Remove the root end, and trim the greens so there is nothing yellow or limp hanging off of them.
You will want to chop them lengthwise but if you prefer little circles go for it. They should look like this:
Sprinkle these over the top of the tomatoes and reach for your cheese.
You can use any kind of cheese. I prefer to use Mozerella or anything low fat because I find the grease from cheese nasty and you don't really need that swirling around in your stomach.
If you can find low fat or low skim, try to get:
It's a tasty cheese in my opinion and it melts pretty good. 
That is one thing offputting about low fat or nonfat cheese. It doesn't melt right!
Put the cookie sheet in the oven and bake it until the tortilla bubbles slightly or browns on the edges. Don't overdue it or when you bite into it, it will shatter into crumbs and be messy. (unless you like that kind of thing!)
The finished product should look like so:

Of course that is not onions on top, that is basil and I didn't take this picture because I ate mine too fast to think about it.
You can cut this into quarters and eat it just like a pizza.
Other things you can add, could be fresh chopped basil like in the picture above, or sliced meat. I used some rotisserie chicken broken up on mine. 
This is another recipe that is simple and has many possibilities! 
All it needs is creativity from you. This is something you can even make with your kids.
I had a bowl of homemade vegetable soup on the side and it was a complete meal and very comforting.
If anyone makes this be creative and take pics. I would love to see people posting pictures of stuff they've made from my recipes!

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